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LAist 89.3

LAist radio (formerly KPCC) provides the highest quality news and information on radio, smart phone apps, and smart speakers. Listeners can count of local news from the LAist newsroom; national and international news from NPR and the BBC; and informative shows from the public media space.

Our digital news website is the trusted friend showing you what's happening in your neighborhood and why it matters. Telling stories from inside the deepest pothole to the top of Mt. Wilson – and beyond.

LAist Studios

LAist Studios creates podcasts that tell LA's stories to the world. Our listeners are diverse and inclusive, people who crave stories and conversations from a multitude of voices.

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We have an array of Sponsorship products to help your marketing campaigns reach the local Southern California audience and beyond, including: radio announcements, digital audio announcements, banner ads, native newsletters, sponsored content, live events, and more!

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Our Audience

Through an array of radio signals, we reach all of Southern California – from the Coachella Valley, through the Inland Empire, Orange County, Los Angeles County, Ojai/Ventura, and Santa Barbara.

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LAist can customize multi-platform sponsorship packages that connect with the largest public radio audience in Los Angeles/Orange County and deliver on your marketing goals. Complete the form below to connect with our team. We’ll help optimize your marketing efforts across our programs with innovative ad products for broadcast, digital, podcast, smart speakers, video and live events.

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